5 Easy Facts About North Las Vegas Described

North Las Vegas Airport is a government-run airport owned by Clark County and operated by the Clark County Department of Aviation situated 3 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas, the central business district and historic center of this city of Las Vegas.

Locally known as Northtown, North Las Vegas Airport is the second biggest airport in Las Vegas and the third largest in the state of Nevada. It started on December 7, 1941 as a Sky Haven Airport but when Hughes Tool Company bought the airport in 1968, its title was changed into North Las Vegas Air Terminal.

The airport's strategic location and close proximity to downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip make it even more convenient and more economical for most passengers to fly here than in the local McCarran International Airport. This is the reason why it's come to be the primary airport at the Las Vegas area for general aviation and scenic excursions while McCarran International Airport centers more on airline flights.

North Las Vegas only offers limited regional airline service. In reality, just Vision Airlines uses the airport as a hub for its flight to Grand Canyon. But there are many helicopter operators, such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, that use the airport's facilities. At August 2015, at least 536 aircraft are located in the North Las Vegas Airport, 76% of which are single-engine, 14% multi-engine, 4% jet, 6% helicopter and one % ultralight.

As an airport which caters to general aviation and picturesque excursions, the North Las Vegas Airport serves as a hub for helicopter tours that take guests on an air trip over the Las Vegas Strip. Other businesses that the airport caters include aircraft leasing; charters; air cargo; aero surveying for Twin Otter; aircraft sales including Apex Aviation Inc., Horton Aviation Services and Lone Mountain Aviation; Desert Flying Club; and flight schools such as 702 Helicopters, Airline Transport Professionals, Airwork, All In Aviation,Flyright Aviation, Sheble Flight School, Skyline Helicopters and West Air.

The airport also hosts firms that provide car rentals like the Enterprise, Hertz and Avis; commercial institutions particularly Cheyenne Air Center and Western Alliance Bank; and even catering to Air Culinaire and Air Gourmet.

Visitors to North Las Vegas Airport can acquire entry to the airport comfy pilots lounge with satellite tv, contemporary flight planning area with WSI Pilotbrief Pro Weather, Internet flight preparation, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the terminal, catering storage, complimentary coffee / ice / newspaper, ATM / vending machines, Grand Canyon meeting room that can accommodate up to 65 people, a 20-seater conference room, cafe and planeside limousine service which is allowed around the ramp.

Desert Shores

It comprises 3,351 units spread in 22 different residential districts.

Desert Shores is composed of condominiums, median priced housing and here large custom homes, a few of which are lakefront homes which have immediate access to the lakes and the option of private docks offering paddleboating and angling to residents six days a week.

The neighborhood boasts of four manmade lakes stocked with bass, a lagoon style swimming pool surrounded by a sand beach, paddle boats, palm trees and a beach picnic park with basketball, volleyball and park facilities. It has a clubhouse with terraces on the side of the main lake, which is the site of several private parties and special occasions. The clubhouse can accommodate up to 100 guests seated banquet style.

The lagoon pool boasts of luxurious shaded picnic facilities with pavers and barbecue facilities.

Desert Shores is personal community that's recreation-oriented and provides miles of walking and biking paths and a beach facility for the residents to enjoy. All of its own lakes, parks and other amenities are for the pleasure of their owners, residents and their guests.

The community hosts yearly activities and special events at the lagoon such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, National Night Out and other events around for the occupants to enjoy.

Desert Shores is a unique, enjoyable and great location to live as it offers great views of Las Vegas paired together with first class amenities. It definitely is a place for families and friends to live and revel in.


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